Pamela Sklar

Partial List of as yet Unpublished Music Availalable

Description: This is a PARTIAL list of recent works co-featuring flute and/or Native American flute with other instruments. Available for use. Please contact me for further info including score and parts:
1.SKY SPIRIT (2016)for Native American Flute and Vibraphone(3'35")
2. WAGGLE DANCE (2015) for flute, English Horn, bassoon (~6 min)
3. FLUTE CALLIOPE (2015) for flute choir, including optional bass flute (~ 3.5 min)
4. FLOW (2015) for flute & cello (~4 min)

5.FLASHES OF INSPIRATION AND JOY (2014) for Flute and Bass Flute/Native American Flute (7'46")
6. Ocean Dream (2010) Two Versions: Flute, violin, cello or
flute, alto flute, bassoon. (~5 min)

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